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Analyzing Streaming Media

February 24, 2006

Macworld 2006 Streamcast
Macworld 2006
I decided to check out the Macworld 2006 stream from January. It uses QuickTime streaming technology with MPEG-4 as its codec. It seemed to buffer very quickly compared with a progressive download of equivalent length (1:45 TRT); however after only 30 seconds it started experiencing quite a bit of video hiccups and occasional audio break up. Digital artifacts would frequently fill up my screen prohibiting me from seeing anything, I even had to pause and restart the playback a couple times. I was still able to understand most of the content but the glitches were very distracting. With Apple being the architect of QuickTime, I was surprised that the playback was so poor, especially now that the content is already close to 2 months old and probably has few people trying to view it simultaneously. The webpage that the video was linked from also had very little contextual information regarding the event. With QuickTime’s interactive capabilities I expected the clip to have some metadata, such as links to new feature products or software, but also found nothing. This would be an easy opportunity for Apple to market products and do market research on buyers’ interests. Overall, the advantages were that it was video on demand and that I could skip to anywhere in the clip. The disadvantages were the fact that I had little additional information to link to, no ability to preview what was ahead, there was no use of QuickTime’s interactive abilities and the quality was somewhat poor and stuttered often. In conclusion, I felt that the streaming experience of Macworld should have been far better than it was and did not to a strong job of presenting Apple’s biggest event of the year.

Next Level Streaming
Not only should metadata regarding additional content related to the clip be embedded in it’s presentation, but user participation should also be encouraged. Streams should have the ability to take user polls about the content, get feedback, and answer questions in the same realtime format. This could allow for true up-to-date media that would be far more interesting, and closer to a wikipedia approach to the truth. In a journalistic setting, for example the discussion of a hurricane Katrina, this could mean people on closely related to the hurricane could stream in their own audio or video responses to the event as it happens (assuming they have a connection to the Internet). Besides streaming just provide a realtime broadcast and optimized hosting for large sized media, it needs to open up the doors to live many-to-many way conversations. People should also have the ability to throw up links or additional information in a lower-third or side bar fashion in realtime. With the advent of 16:9 screens, it allows for another strip of information on the right or left of the main content or even the lower-third, this allows for a whole new level of information sharing that could come from amazing sources that the journalist might never have known about. Of course a small delay of some kind would have to be factored in to sift out any spam or low quality content from spewing fourth. Why not have open live chats in the side column where people collectively vote on what content gets played next and evolve the content on-the-fly? The possibilities are broad and so far little progress seems to have been made in streaming technology. The overarching goal for this type of media should be for it to increase people’s accessibility for media participation.


A few hot links

February 23, 2006

Ridiculous, offensive, but damn funny!
Wonder Showzen Episode

Parkour Movement
This left me speechless… The idea of pushing ourselves beyond physical limits… Whenever a redically new art form springs up out of nowhere it just blows your mind.
Parkour 1
Parkour 2

Pictures from last Friday
If you haven’t been to Trash then … well come visit me and I’ll take you there because its only a 2 minute walk from my freakin place every Friday night… Happy hour hits at 3am.
Trash 4 yr Anniversary

Metal & Mash-ups

February 19, 2006

In Flames Concert
I linked up with Andy last wednesday and thrashed it out to some Swedish heavy metal at Webster Hall. It definitely rocked, I haven’t had such a good aggression release in some time. They have a great stage presence and know how to rock you. The hits from the double-pedal drums and the shredding of the ‘x’ guitars made me want to jump around like a caged beast; I remember clocking Andy in the shoulder at one point. Definitely check them out, they are sick!
In Flames

New Links
These are the links to my 2 most recent video blogging experiments…
This is what Fuyu and I created for our class presentation on Vlogs.
This was an attempt to experiment with pushing video blogs. We made a little Cheney mash-up that is pretty entertaining…
XML Mash-Up Vlog

Video Blogging Explorations

February 6, 2006

The concept of video blogging is something that I’ve always had an interest in without realizing it. I just like the concept if disseminating video content online directly to a wide range of viewers without any filtration and then being able to get their commentary.

Vlog Review – DVblog
I used to browse a ton of different vlogs, most them were either abstract work that was relatively weak artisticly (in my opinion) or talking heads of people I don’t know talking about things that didn’t really interest me. But DVblog seemed to have a steady flow of interesting mashups, art, Vjs, experimental video, comedy and other topics that I found to be good quality work. Whereas many of the other vlogs were over saturated with geeky crap that was probably only interesting to the creators themselves, DVblog had content that was consistently of a high caliber.
The most recent post was a mashup clip of some girl named Jillian Mcdonald kissing a bunch of celebrities from different films. She rotoscoped herself into a number of famous kissing scenes, most notably a scene with Angelina Jolie. I really liked this mash up and was completely fooled through the first couple scenes. Although the compositing wasn’t perfect in some of them it was pretty damn good overall, nice work Jillian! Another good mashup I saw form DVblog was of scarface, this guy condensed all the best profanity from the film into one sweet 1:30 clip. My mom happened to be visiting from out of town and cringed at all the fuck words; it was a really funny reaction ;-).
Other clips included slowmotion videos of dogs flying through the air by an artist group known as Pleix, and plenty of Borat clips form the Ali G show, which are always completely hilarious. Some of the videos are just fleeting and random artistic creations which are refreshing to briefly indulge in. I also noticed a chill Ninja Tunes video (which I’m always a big fan of) by KidKoala.
Overall, this site had a nice harmony of laughter, creativity, spontonaety and fun that seemed to resonate my own interests and style. It’s definitely worth checking out and subscribing to.

The Launch…

February 3, 2006

OK… this is my second attempt at a blog, while my first one dealt more with extended personal note taking on all my nerdy ITP classes at NYU, this one will deal exclusively with all the hottest issues that I am positive everyone linking here will be excitied about. This includes a shitload of links to the dopest underground music, art, videos (either artistic or randomly entertaining), podcasts, and inspiring political action. I encourage any and everyone to get involved on this site and keep the links and ideas rolling in, whether your thoughts are comical or serious, lets keep this melting pot boiling baby! This is what the Internet was designed for folks…

Here is a taste of some of the first round of ideas & links & media that will keep you all coming back for more.

Podcast Review – Graffiti Radio Live!
I was initially interested by the shows promise of providing progressive non-mainstream news with some Hip Hop flava so I decided to check it out starting with their 1/27/06 posted podcast. It starts with one of the show’s commentators playing his latest hip hop track and I was like oh no not another emcee trying to plug himself… But after about 10 minutes the show finally started and it consisted of a number of people kind of chatting and mostly bullshitting around, I was really tempted to fast forward since they were just blabbing and cussing about nothing. Then they read out a fan’s email that was bashing one of the commentators on the show and I had to laugh my ass off. The guy that sent in the email has completely cussing out the one poor girl on the show, it sounded like her ideas on the patriot act didn’t sit to well with this fan and he was grilling the hell out of her for it. But the fact that the show commentators were able to take some self criticism made me appreciate them more. It seems like although the main 2 guys, also emcees, had liberal points of view (which i tend to agree with) they also had some more moderates on the show, which makes for some better debates and a more well rounded view of ideas.
After discussing the patriot act for some time they went on to talk about an apparent Osama Bin Laden cocaine story that has emerged across the Internet recently. According to the story Osama attempted to link up with some drug lords to poison a bunch of coke so Americans would snort up a nose full of death! Apparently FOX actually aired this story, which I had no idea existed. They guys on G.R.L did an excellent and hilarious job of destroying all credibility this Internet rumor might have had. The thing that strikes me is why anybody would possible take FOX seriously after airing a story so blatantly full of shit… amazing.
The other good story that I learned about, which seemed to miss publicity on mainstream media is the payola case about Sony/BMG paying off radio stations to play their music. This is a major story and I heard nothing about it. Sony ended up being fined $10 million, which is basically nothing for a music label of that size. It goes to show the power of big money and the lack of diversity in traditional radio. So F mainstream culture and take back your individuality…

For more fresh podcasts also check out –

*In case your not familiar, podcasts are simply audio files that you subscribe to that are download through some free software. Many times you can click one button and have the link directly played in iTunes.

Sick Hip Hop Music – We Funk
Seriously these guys have some of the best underground funk/Hip Hop mixes I have heard in a while, you need to lift your finger and download one of these juicy playlists to iTunes and jam out to some real music. This completely blows away all the garbage you hear on mainstream TV and radio.

Art That Fights Back Video
Judith’s homepage –
This is the latest viral video people, it’s a video I produced with my friend Alex that shows my man Judith Supine in action stickin’ it to the man, literally! We’ve got over 8,000 hits and counting fast, keep it alive and viral, spread the link to everyone.

Music Video with a nasty style – Hexstatic!
Ninja Tunes – Distorted Minds
Ninja Tunes always drops the illest beats, but they also have an amazing music video and performance video archive. Check out this hip-hop music video from VJ Hexstatic (ft. Juice Aleem), Distorted Minds, inspiring work for sure.

My Reel
Karl’s Demo Reel
So I had to plug myself damn, although its my 2004 reel it’s still got some hot clips in it… expect an updated reel summer ’06.

That’s it for the first installation of Hypnalogic State, stay tuned for more….