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iPod video conversion made simple through FFmpegX & MPEG Exporter TNG 2.5

May 25, 2006

If you are looking to convert media between formats, in my case to iPod video, you have got to check out FFmpegX. It is by far the ultimate media conversion tool out there, it will take in almost anything and convert it to almost anything else. For example, I dropped in a VOB file directly from a DVD and it converted it to iPod video mp4 format in one step! It also works well with swfs & flvs. Supposedly it can do Real Media clips as well, but I had trouble with this, beyond that it’s perfect.
For even quicker results I used the MPEG Exporter TNG applescript app to be able to drag and drop any variety of media clip and go directly to iPod format in one even quicker step. This works perfectly for vlog clips that you want to push to your iPod.