Sustainability at ITP

SMIT Website Proposal

Initial Diagram
Initial Information Architecture Diagram

Site wireframe based on Working/Living/Making concept

The open source wiki used in the ITP community. It’s very extensible and has a number of customizable features. I was able to figure out how to setup groups, pages, template file, CSS adjustments and the basic steps needed to create my own formatted wiki menu and styling.

Some of the features I explored for this project include –
– Custom CSS skinning & appending a template file
– Cookbook/ShowHide menu add-on script
– Cookbook/SideBar Special for custom side-bars.

Splashpage mock-up

Workingpage mock-up

PmWiki Testpage
Illustrator Wireframe File

My goal is to research sustainable minded technologies to implement into the ITP curriculum. My first step is to research the OLPC innitiative headed off by Nicholas Negroponte of the MIT medialab. His $100 laptop design exemplifies the potential of a computer system that has a uniquely efficient sustainibly driven design.

OLPC Sustainable Technologies –
Inexpensive LCD Screens found in cheap DVD players, dual-mode LCD – $35
– Linux OS
– Flash Drive – Low energy consumption compared to normal hardrives
– mesh network

OLPC hardware link –

Low Power microcontrollers

Low Power RF –

Lowpower systems – ‘Fleapower’

– connexxion

Power Sources
– Solar
– Wind
– Hydrogen

Low voltage components
– Zigbee

Part Recycling

Waste Reduction
– Junk Pile Project


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  1. kevstelo Says:

    I think I’ve read something simillar a few days ago. I don’t remember where, might have been on or slashdot.

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