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Game of Life

August 26, 2006

I travelled to Santa Cruz the other day kicking it with non-other than the kielbasa king himself – Adam Rinder. We strolled up to a restaurant where we stared at passing people and rinder would point out the occassional passing dude. A middle class white guy was begging for leftovers trying to act like a real bum, he was even occassionally chatting it up on his celly… this douche bag conman was stock piling leftovers from random people into his bag to get a few days worth of food. We moved on and ran into a KRS-One show; KRS showed a mello whiteboy surfer town what Hip-Hop is really all about. Just Hip-Hop positivity and lyrical intensity, ripping the mic in two! I blessed the dance circle a couple times before realizing I was in the midst of the Renegades Crew… I saw Iron Monkey’s definitive style and got a dope show as they got on stage at KRS-One’s request. We dipped out in a state of bliss. What a sick vibe for a coffee shop that only sells hippy hemp beer! The fools only had about 30 beers total for the show… looks like the bar-back must have smoked to much that night.

BT Rockin Apple
BT killed it at Apple for the WWDC Drunken after party! Loads of developers were bus’ed in to main campus to jam out to some BT beats. I definitely expected to see a pop/rock band of some kind and was pretty surprised seeing a DJ… but he’s definitely down with Apple and has already graced the website many times, hes a pretty solid producer and definitely rocked it that night. One of the quintessential moments of the night was when a cute, indian-looking intern was dancing all sexy and drunk right up by the front with her XS shirt buttoned really low so the words on the fabric were all stretched out; they spelled out the the words – “I Love Nerds.” She just knew she was surrounded by all the sickest and most talented developers and Apple tech heads and loving it, haha! I did meet another intern there that was a fellow bboy, which was cool.

Leapfrog Thoughts
Not to transition too much from describing my recent adventures, but I’m in the mood to throw out some random thoughts I have floating in my head… I definitely believe projecting your energy towards a non-consciously realized goal, knowing that it will manifest through a sort of self induced emergence in the future is for real. Many physical and psychological issues can be freed up through constant positive projection and allowing for unplanned alignments in existence to arise. Life has been amazing and I appreciate the cards that have been dealt recently… things have exploded into amazing possibilities over the last 12 months.
Learning happens by strengthening neural connections in your head through repetitious actions and thoughts about a concept. Encouraging certain thinking techniques can greatly increase your understanding of things. Specifically by bringing your mind in an out from a narrow focus to a broader thinking picture. My art director at Apple and I were discussing this notion the other day and talked about some low level fundamental physics in the universe that prove basic quark particles balance all normal and dark matter, constantly equalizing each other and shaping existence around us. OK, I have no idea what that has to do with what I was just saying but what does relate to that earlier thought is that knowing about your brain’s own illusions can help you better adapt to new things. Don’t let your brain force you to habituate and fall into a simple comfort zone. Eventhough it’s evolutionarily (that might not be a real word) favorable to be able to quickly adapt and find comfort in typical day to day activites and thoughts, try to keep reflecting with some amount of conscious reminding to envision every idea or more complex task across a much more broad range of thought; then shift back into the normal narrow viewed state of whatever you are doing, the state that you are more used to. This will allow you to learn more effectively and expansively. Whenever working on a project I too often get caught up in the details of the project right in front of me without reexamining the bigger goals; it’s important to keep both of these satisfied to make your work really strong.

Sometimes my mind thinks in Hip-Hop. The idea that your don’t need anything to make moves and achieve anything you want to… got sneakers, aresol can, a record and a mic, well damn that’s enough to invent an unprecedented global culture! This idea influenced the way I think. Things are all there to just walk up to, grab, explore, embrace and shape into any damn thing you want. This place is fucking amazing, lets create a bottom up empire that gives people everything they need instantanesouly, a place of wealth, positivity and constant inspirational new experiences; where more fascinating horizons open up in front of us in new and often unexpected directions. Where people are in charge of their own destinies without needing the control mechanisms and myths of government, religion, and nationalism. We can all individually achieve anything and conquer our own goals and also be sharing and giving towards the next person along the journey.. things are going to be huge for all of us in the next 10 years. Ok that’s enough random ranting for now!