Midterm – Ephemeral Paint
Part of the idea behind this project was sparked by the ephemeral nature of the tibetan sand mandala. This is a piece of art that is many days in the making and upon completion is immediately destroyed without a trace, grains of sound thrown into the wind. I want to use a jpeg image of a sand mandala that the user is able to wipe away using arm gestures in front of the camera. Hopefully I would like to incorporate temporal motion blurring that softens the users gestues giving the appearance of blowing wind across the graphic’s surface, thus causing the pixels to dissappear. The idea of kinetic motion as a brush stroke.

Week 4 Assignment- Free Video Controller
The main advantage of a video sensing controller is it’s ability to remove all restraints from our body and allow us to move freely within a natural environment. I am proposing to make a simple QuickTime video controller that allows the user to control playback of the clip through left and right arm gestures. A movement to the right fastforwards and a movement to the left rewinds. In the future I would like to create a more elaborate version that allows movements in different quadrants of the screen, which in turn performs different functions on the onscreen video.


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