The Launch…

OK… this is my second attempt at a blog, while my first one dealt more with extended personal note taking on all my nerdy ITP classes at NYU, this one will deal exclusively with all the hottest issues that I am positive everyone linking here will be excitied about. This includes a shitload of links to the dopest underground music, art, videos (either artistic or randomly entertaining), podcasts, and inspiring political action. I encourage any and everyone to get involved on this site and keep the links and ideas rolling in, whether your thoughts are comical or serious, lets keep this melting pot boiling baby! This is what the Internet was designed for folks…

Here is a taste of some of the first round of ideas & links & media that will keep you all coming back for more.

Podcast Review – Graffiti Radio Live!
I was initially interested by the shows promise of providing progressive non-mainstream news with some Hip Hop flava so I decided to check it out starting with their 1/27/06 posted podcast. It starts with one of the show’s commentators playing his latest hip hop track and I was like oh no not another emcee trying to plug himself… But after about 10 minutes the show finally started and it consisted of a number of people kind of chatting and mostly bullshitting around, I was really tempted to fast forward since they were just blabbing and cussing about nothing. Then they read out a fan’s email that was bashing one of the commentators on the show and I had to laugh my ass off. The guy that sent in the email has completely cussing out the one poor girl on the show, it sounded like her ideas on the patriot act didn’t sit to well with this fan and he was grilling the hell out of her for it. But the fact that the show commentators were able to take some self criticism made me appreciate them more. It seems like although the main 2 guys, also emcees, had liberal points of view (which i tend to agree with) they also had some more moderates on the show, which makes for some better debates and a more well rounded view of ideas.
After discussing the patriot act for some time they went on to talk about an apparent Osama Bin Laden cocaine story that has emerged across the Internet recently. According to the story Osama attempted to link up with some drug lords to poison a bunch of coke so Americans would snort up a nose full of death! Apparently FOX actually aired this story, which I had no idea existed. They guys on G.R.L did an excellent and hilarious job of destroying all credibility this Internet rumor might have had. The thing that strikes me is why anybody would possible take FOX seriously after airing a story so blatantly full of shit… amazing.
The other good story that I learned about, which seemed to miss publicity on mainstream media is the payola case about Sony/BMG paying off radio stations to play their music. This is a major story and I heard nothing about it. Sony ended up being fined $10 million, which is basically nothing for a music label of that size. It goes to show the power of big money and the lack of diversity in traditional radio. So F mainstream culture and take back your individuality…

For more fresh podcasts also check out –

*In case your not familiar, podcasts are simply audio files that you subscribe to that are download through some free software. Many times you can click one button and have the link directly played in iTunes.

Sick Hip Hop Music – We Funk
Seriously these guys have some of the best underground funk/Hip Hop mixes I have heard in a while, you need to lift your finger and download one of these juicy playlists to iTunes and jam out to some real music. This completely blows away all the garbage you hear on mainstream TV and radio.

Art That Fights Back Video
Judith’s homepage –
This is the latest viral video people, it’s a video I produced with my friend Alex that shows my man Judith Supine in action stickin’ it to the man, literally! We’ve got over 8,000 hits and counting fast, keep it alive and viral, spread the link to everyone.

Music Video with a nasty style – Hexstatic!
Ninja Tunes – Distorted Minds
Ninja Tunes always drops the illest beats, but they also have an amazing music video and performance video archive. Check out this hip-hop music video from VJ Hexstatic (ft. Juice Aleem), Distorted Minds, inspiring work for sure.

My Reel
Karl’s Demo Reel
So I had to plug myself damn, although its my 2004 reel it’s still got some hot clips in it… expect an updated reel summer ’06.

That’s it for the first installation of Hypnalogic State, stay tuned for more….


3 Responses to “The Launch…”

  1. Dragon Wizard Says:

    Your reel rocks, bro! I totally miss Jessica and Julia…they are so sweet…

  2. Dragon Wizard Says:

    Any blog about the persecution of Falun Dafa (also called Falun Gong) practitioners in China would be awesome! You can check out: to get the latest on the persecution. If you are interested in the practice itself, check out:

  3. sawayinwab Says:

    arts chicago ford performing theater

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