Final Project – Synaptic Mass
Elevator Pitch
This is a non-linear interactive experience based on user manipulation. A 3D figure initially appears that is made out of various different textures. The layers are stripped or etched away by the user’s gestures in front of the camera using jitter’s computer vision libraries ( As each layer is peeled away or opened up, it reveals deeper layers of images underneath the original. As layers are removed they get the user closer and closer to the heart of the piece, coaxing them to explore further. As pieces of the image are pulled away, portions of the face like eyes, teeth, ears, will fly out towards the user, animation will also continue often in a more point-of-view fashion towards the screen. Music is not set in stone it could be a number of different songs, which would determine the style of the performance. I would prefer music that is upbeat and more aggressive that will spur the user to dance and create a relationship with the imagery. Once all layers are stripped away it reveals the mirror image of the user texture mapped to the surface of the original face. Then the image fills back up again as if in rewind and returns to its beginning shape.

Face Clip Mock Up

Alien Dome

Ninja Tunes – Distorted Minds

Inspiration came from the works of Johnny Hardstaff, Alexander Rutterford, and Hexstatic.
Hayling Video – Johnny Hardstaff

Remaining Challenges:

What’s the final level of the animation?

Adding more particles and visual reactivity to the user.
Check out these inspirational images from

peeling, etching, layering, revealing, embedded content, beneath the surface, skin extrusion, invasive

I am looking to create a 3D living mass of somekind. I am hoping to combine elements from my Virtual Real Maya class in a Live Image Processing and Performance setting. This living mass will be controlled through camera input in jitter. The ‘creature’ itself will be the performer or puppet that the participant controls through body movement. Video cameras will also be setup to detect motion input, allowing the manipulation different layers of the 3D mass on stage. This will be a way to entice the crowd to participate with the stage performance. The extension of jitter using cv.jit will drive the computer vision tasks of the performance. The concept of synchresis will be apparent in this piece. Adding a videocamera will allow the fusion of sight and sound with physical gesture as a new input. This will increase the immersiveness of the production by giving viewers three senses of engagment without any physical obstructions to help sense things.

Elements/Features –
– Main 3D creation exported to QuickTime video, animation is controlled by jumping to looppoints of specific movements within the video.
– Use of & cv.jit libraries for openGl rendering for increased performance and cv.jit for computer vision tasks.
– Additional simple 3D bits swirling around that are controlled through analog input.
– Ability to layer jitter effects/textures on specific portions of the creature using alpha information.
– Additional video layers to texture video.
– Video camera for image manipulation based on user’s movement in specific regions of the screen grid. User’s image is also displayed within a portion of the screen.

Style –
This 3D creation will resemble a machine that consists of interconnected bits along with organic portions. It will give the appearance of a nebulous, mechanical, yet somehow living mass. Additional layering and texturing will overlap on top and behind the main creature, allowing for realtime manipulation of the creature’s environment. The movements will be strongly gestural and have exaggerated expressions creating emotional ties with the music. Some movements will include, shifting robotic pistons, extending tentacles that extend out in Z space to shake the screen, and other moving animations that extend out of the main creature. The design will have a subtext of culture-jamming behind it, by containing bits of pop culture turned on it’s head. The video camera input will allow for live movements of individuals that relate to the stage performance.

Technical –
Jitter will allow for control of the creation through camera input. Other features include compositing, loopoints, 3D OpenGL bits, and additional effects.


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