Metal & Mash-ups

In Flames Concert
I linked up with Andy last wednesday and thrashed it out to some Swedish heavy metal at Webster Hall. It definitely rocked, I haven’t had such a good aggression release in some time. They have a great stage presence and know how to rock you. The hits from the double-pedal drums and the shredding of the ‘x’ guitars made me want to jump around like a caged beast; I remember clocking Andy in the shoulder at one point. Definitely check them out, they are sick!
In Flames

New Links
These are the links to my 2 most recent video blogging experiments…
This is what Fuyu and I created for our class presentation on Vlogs.
This was an attempt to experiment with pushing video blogs. We made a little Cheney mash-up that is pretty entertaining…
XML Mash-Up Vlog


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    agree man

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