Segment Tags

For our Introduction to Physical Computing final, Jenny Chowdhury, Michael DelGaudio and I aimed to allow for the personalization of a space through the use of interactive displays. Users can create their own tag or message without the destruction of property. Visitors of a restaurant, bar, or public space are encourage to leave a word, thought, question or message of what’s on heir mind with relation to their surroundings. The intent is to open a dialog between visitors who share a space at different times.
Walls, furniture, and objects don’t commonly allow people to leave their mark or capture a thought. The desire for people to leave traces of their presence can be seen in graffiti, guest books, customized cars, blogs, and bumper, where we leave behind signs that we have been someplace and have something to say. As individuals, we desire the ability to leave a bit of our selves in an environment. Segment Tags bridge this gap by providing people the opportunity to leave a few words behind.

Segment Tags Official Page


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