Video Blogging Explorations

The concept of video blogging is something that I’ve always had an interest in without realizing it. I just like the concept if disseminating video content online directly to a wide range of viewers without any filtration and then being able to get their commentary.

Vlog Review – DVblog
I used to browse a ton of different vlogs, most them were either abstract work that was relatively weak artisticly (in my opinion) or talking heads of people I don’t know talking about things that didn’t really interest me. But DVblog seemed to have a steady flow of interesting mashups, art, Vjs, experimental video, comedy and other topics that I found to be good quality work. Whereas many of the other vlogs were over saturated with geeky crap that was probably only interesting to the creators themselves, DVblog had content that was consistently of a high caliber.
The most recent post was a mashup clip of some girl named Jillian Mcdonald kissing a bunch of celebrities from different films. She rotoscoped herself into a number of famous kissing scenes, most notably a scene with Angelina Jolie. I really liked this mash up and was completely fooled through the first couple scenes. Although the compositing wasn’t perfect in some of them it was pretty damn good overall, nice work Jillian! Another good mashup I saw form DVblog was of scarface, this guy condensed all the best profanity from the film into one sweet 1:30 clip. My mom happened to be visiting from out of town and cringed at all the fuck words; it was a really funny reaction ;-).
Other clips included slowmotion videos of dogs flying through the air by an artist group known as Pleix, and plenty of Borat clips form the Ali G show, which are always completely hilarious. Some of the videos are just fleeting and random artistic creations which are refreshing to briefly indulge in. I also noticed a chill Ninja Tunes video (which I’m always a big fan of) by KidKoala.
Overall, this site had a nice harmony of laughter, creativity, spontonaety and fun that seemed to resonate my own interests and style. It’s definitely worth checking out and subscribing to.


2 Responses to “Video Blogging Explorations”

  1. Shawn Van Every Says:

    “Some of the videos are just fleeting and random artistic creations which are refreshing to briefly indulge in.”

    I love those kind..

  2. sull Says:

    right on, DVBlog is a gem.

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