Massacre Medic

Enter the most wartorn situations as a life saving medic. The way to succeed in this game is to save the most amount of lives in a variety of intense battlefield scenarios without getting yourself killed in the process.
You will be forced to handle a variety of unpredictable decisions during live combat. New patients will be taken in with fresh injuries off of the battlefield.

This game immerses you in the action using a headmount virtual reality display. This allows you to turn your head in the direction of the action, deciding where to focus your attention. Your medical tools consist of different physical objects equipped with accelerometers and gyroscopic sensors to match the movements in the game. You would be able to see your hands transformed into virtual hands onscreen.

As a medic you are given a series of missions starting off at an army medical hospital. As you progress and pick up various skill you can rise in rank, and become chief surgeon of the medical hospital, or become part of an elite comando group where you are dropped into a variety of extremely hairy situations.

This game tests your ability to stay calm under pressure, your motor skills, skills of logic in diagnosis, your ethical standpoints, and multitasking ability. It is also an excellent learning tool, and teaches players about first aid, and quite complex medical procedures.

Trauma Center
Trauma Center Video Clip
Video Games help surgery


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