-Drag & Drop API
-Encourages cut & paste culture of sharing
-Rating System to add competitiveness, increasing innovation
-Ability to mark up other users content through your own blog (shit talking)
-Easier to add and reference other content, everything is more automated
-Intellisense functionality to see related keywords with in localized blogosphere
-With Intellisense, all the contents of a blog can be easily compared to other people’s blogFor instance, if onetypes a content about Interactive TV, then a small window will appear next to the word, posting other people’s entries about this same subject. This is a wayto further connect different blog, and avoid redundant information or help people to further share their idea and comments.


Useful Blog API's


Project Concepts –
1)Unidentified Floating Objects
Creating an artifically propagated media spectacle, subverting surveillance practices by providing our own surveillance system.
-Creating 1-3 different floating objects
-each one is equipped with java midlets writing images to a server.
-users can navigate through the different cameras through an online flash interface
-usage of mapquest openapi for geotracking of the ufos location


2)Media Blogging API
Creating a more seemless web experience through a dramatically improved user interface. Expanding upon the blog by enhancing usability and merging all media types
– Integration of audio, video and blogging
– Drag and drop abilities for improved interface
– Extensiblity and integration into 1 page

Reacting to DVBlog.org's popularity, an attempt to expand Internet video beyond youtube and videobomb style videos and attempting to create an profit based content distribution system for artists.
– Online distribution system
– Usage of WordPress 2.0 API
– Transition to Internet TV, ability to play on TV set


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