Streaming with SMIL

SMIL or Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language, offers a great opportunity to combine a variety of formats to video using the flexibility of XML. This could have a variety of content enriching capabilities. Some of the most prominent are addition of on-the-fly weblinks, images, interactive flash module allowing note taking or ability to chat with others, etc…_I tried to experiment by posting a recorded presentation related to ION TV. Using SMIL we can not only experience the video of the presentation but also view images related the presentation with weblinks relating to specific points. I was able to stream the video while simultaneously show images and links related to the content. SMIL is a powerful ability to extend streaming content using the QuickTime engine with increased meta-data and extending content.

Link to my SMIL file, download and load through QT


One Response to “Streaming with SMIL”

  1. sull Says:

    if interested, you can see SMIL being used to power vodcast playlists on it simply takes an RSS channels enclosures and permalinks and outputs it as SMIL which can be played on the site.

    i’ve been messing around with SMIL for a long time and find it intriguing, a great tool for media experimenters. i do wish QT would support SMIL2.0 or add more custom extensions.


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